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Brandee Dallow, founder & president of Fine Girl, is an award-winning, strategic, communications executive specializing in luxury brands, products & services. During her illustrious career, Dallow has worked cross-functionally to translate companies and/or brands’ values, missions and strategic priorities into powerful, integrated campaigns that capture consumers’ attention, deliver against business objectives and drive results.

Dallow’s career began at Rubenstein Public Relations, one of New York’s most high profile public relations firms, where she organized all press activities for the Miss Universe Pageant (Hawaii), the prestigious ’21 Club’, New York Apple Tours and Guernsey’s John F. Kennedy memorabilia auction.

In 1999, Dallow joined J Walter Thompson (JWT), working on behalf of De Beers as a Manager/Partner. One of her most prolific accomplishments at JWT/De Beers was the development of a year-long, global public relations campaign entitled “Diamonds & the Power of Love” featuring more than 700 carats of diamonds, valued at approximately $10 million, which culminated in a star-studded evening attended by Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson & Tony Bennett, amongst others. It was with De Beers that Brandee worked with members of the World Diamond Council to develop crisis communications strategies and content, as well as garner support from NGOs and government, to combat the well-documented, ‘blood diamonds’ media campaign.

Brandee joined the Julius Klein Group (JKG), an international diamantaire specializing in the world’s most important and rare diamonds, as the Vice President of Marketing & Communications in 2003. It is at JKG that she holds the distinction as the company’s first female executive in over 65 years.

From March 2014 until March 2017, Brandee lead Rio Tinto Diamonds’ North American office in its’ positioning and message development. In addition to providing insights-driven, communications solutions designed to drive both the company’s and downstream partners’ brand and reputation, Brandee was the spokesperson for Rio Tinto’s ‘Argyle Diamond Jewelry Collection’ on QVC . It was also during this time that Dallow implemented the ‘Diamonds with a Story’ umbrella marketing campaign, whereby Rio Tinto partnered with today’s most sought after jewelry designers to create bespoke, diamond jewelry collections featuring 100% Rio Tinto diamonds tracked back to the mine of origin.

Brandee is the immediate past president of the Women's Jewelry Association, where she was also the recipient of the Award for Excellence in Marketing & Communications in 2009.

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