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In today’s crowded landscape, words matter more than ever before. The right ones stimulate, connect and transform. The wrong ones cause damage that lingers. A strong brand cuts through the noise and clutter with words that deliver a clear picture of who you are and what you do. 

Founded by Brandee Dallow, Fine Girl Luxury Brand Building & Communications helps our clients discover and define the most powerful and authentic brand narrative (the words) that will inspire people, engage customers and shatter the markets as we know them today. 

We work with our clients to set the tone for your brand, lay the groundwork for getting your message across and create specific content that commands attention and reaches the people who matter, in all the right ways.

At Fine Girl, we help our customers develop a concise set of bold and innovative initiatives that challenge the status quo and make the brand vision a reality.

We craft strong brands by conducting analysis from two points of view: from the inside out, and the outside in. The inside out perspective allows us to identify what makes your brand unique while simultaneously exploring ways to bring your brand message to life. The outside in perspective allows us to discover the true value of your brand in the market, and learn how to effectively communicate and promote that value to your target audience. 

The key to our process is collaboration. A typical brand engagement is a true team effort where we align/work closely together to discern your company’s true strengths and present them to the marketplace.

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